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    We dropped this in the FW22.2.
    This was our Enjoy Your Fuckin' Day Hoodie. These were available in three colours, orange, black and green. these were printed with puff print.

    FW 22.1

    This is a piece we dropped in FW22.1.
    This was our Royal Blue Pure@ctive Hoodie. The special thing about this hoodie is that each jumper has a different number. We start counting from 001/100 to 100/100.


    This was our SS 22 collection. We only dropped 2 pieces, which went down very well.

    FW 21

    This was our FW 21 collection. Our first real collection with very limited pieces.

    where it started

    We started in early 2021.
    My name is Joppe, I am 21 years old and fascinated with fashion and clothing design. When I knew I was going to start Pure@ctive I thought, I should start with something special that not everyone does. And that was a pair of trousers. Only a few pieces of these were made. Then the start was set and I knew I was going to make a clothing brand with fun pieces but limited


    Pure@ctive is a streetwear brand.
    It stands for quality, durability and longevity.

    Each piece is carefully hand assembled, so you can be sure you are getting a piece of extreme quality.

    We carefully select the best fabrics and garments.
    Each piece is made to last a lifetime.

    Our stocks are limited to avoid mass production, over-consumption and waste.